Childrens Dentistry Wantirna South Children’s dentistry, or paediatric dentistry, provides a child-friendly environment for infants, children, and adolescents who visit the dentist for check-ups and treatments.

Good dental health is essential for a child’s development. Dr Sheetal Sachdeva takes pride in creating and maintaining bright and healthy smiles for our young patients, in a light-hearted and fun environment.

Our dental office uses state-of-the-art equipment, and we strive to make your child’s visit with us as pain and anxiety-free as possible.

Here are a few of the reasons you should entrust your children to your Wantirna South Dentist.

We provide effective and personalised dental treatments that suit the preferences and dental needs of the children.

We encourage parents to come with their children during their check-up to learn about their child’s dental state and to support them for the duration of their check-up.

Paediatric Dental Care

It is our goal to help your children achieve and maintain optimal dental health by teaching topics like brushing, flossing, and dental hygiene.


Start brushing your child’s teeth daily as the child’s first tooth emerges. Use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste when the child is old enough not to swallow it. Children are advised to brush their teeth twice a day. We recommend you look after your child to make sure they are doing a good job.

With proper brushing, the plaque from the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces of the teeth will be removed.

How to brush properly:

  • Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle.
  • Place the toothbrush along the gum line.
  • Brush the outer and inner surfaces of the upper and lower teeth in a circular motion.
  • Don’t forget to brush the tongue.


Flossing is also important because it can remove plaque between the teeth, where the bristles of your toothbrush can’t reach. As soon as a child has two teeth, they need to start flossing. A parent should floss the child’s teeth until he or she can do it alone.

Healthy Diet

Parents are also encouraged to monitor their children’s diet. To prevent food debris from sticking to teeth, children should eat sweets in moderation and brush their teeth after eating.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Regularly visiting the dentist is important to keep children’s teeth free from decay. It helps determine if children require dental treatment later in life.

Children’s Dentistry in Wantirna South

Our dentists at Dr Sachdeva’s clinic will help your children achieve the optimal state of dental health. We provide a wide selection of dental services for patients who reside in Wantirna South and surrounding areas.

Wantirna South dentist also serves the local communities in Knox City, Boronia, Bayswater, Scoresby, Rowville, Ferntree Gully, Vermont, Vermont South, Burwood, Burwood East, Ringwood, Ringwood East, and Wantirna.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule in Wantirna South

Bulk Bill for children who are eligible for MEDICARE CHILD DENTAL BENEFITS SCHEDULE
Up to $1,052 worth of dental treatments over two years

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