Top 8 Ideas for Easter at Home from Dr Sheetal Sachdeva

Celebrate Easter at home or virtually this year with family traditions like decorating eggs, creating an egg hunt in your backyard and dressing in your best (and fanciest!) outfits.

While activities are changed for social distancing purposes, families can have an excellent time with a little creativity.

There’s much to do this Easter, so hop to it with the following ideas to help make this holiday special for you and your kids.


Smile Your Way Through Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that special day on which we all express our love towards those who are near and dear to us.

But bad dental hygiene and unattractive teeth can have a negative impact on such expressions of love.

It doesn’t matter who you are kissing, if you have dirty or unattractive teeth, you are less likely to find someone who wants to kiss you back.


Father’s Day Dental Tips from Dr Sheetal Sachdeva B.D.S. (Dental Surgeon)

Happy Father’s Day! Our family-friendly dental team at Dr Sachdeva’s dental clinic sends you happy greetings on this upcoming Dad’s Day celebration. Here’s a short list of our favourite tips to help maintain good overall health for all of the amazing Dad’s out there in the Wantirna South area. Get an Oral Cancer Screening. Men have…